• 1.what is artificial grass?

    synthetic turf is a grass-like ground cover that replicates lush natural grass in appearance and function.Artificial grass is also named like fake grass, synthetic grass.For athletic fields synthetic grass, it provides a all year-round, all-weather playing surface built to withstand extended use without downtime for recovery. For landscaping cover, synthetic turf provides a low maintenance, weed-free surface that doesn't need to be watered or fertilized, and is available in styles that look like the grass types that are popular in your local place.

    2.How does synthetic turf impact the environment?

    Synthetic grass has a measurable, positive impact on the environment. Water lack is a big problem in the world.Depending on the region of the country, a typical grass sports field requires between 500,000 to a million gallons of water or more each year. Artificial grass is water friendly and could save literally millions of gallons of water each year from being consumed by lawn irrigation.

    The estimated amount of synthetic grass currently installed has eliminated the need for millions of pounds of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which has significant health and environmental implications

    3.Is artificial grass safer for Children and pets?

    Synthetic Grass is Children and pets friendly. Artificial grass is use of virgin plastic and no recycled material, and is made without lead,environmental friendly. Non abrasive, artificial grass is soft to reduce cuts and bruises at the playground.Non-allergenic,Happier healthier kids. Allergies caused by natural grass are a thing of the past

    Artificial grass provides an environment free of pests such as fleas and ticks, helping prevent the spread of disease.

    4.does artificial grass fade over time?

    Synthetic turf is U.V. stabilized to provide colorfastness, and the warranty typically includes a guarantee against fading for a certain number of years.Be aware of All pigmented material fade when exposed to UV (Sun light),the greater the intensity of the sunlight, the shorter the lifespan of the fiber.We warranty that our product will not fade non-uniformly and it will not be noticeable.

    5. How long can a synthetic turf field be used?

    Synthetic turf sports fields are typically warranted for five to eight years, but their life expectancy will depend to a great extent on the amount and type of usage and the maintenance. As landscape applications, synthetic grass can last much longer than sports fields.

    6.which places does artificial grass use?

    Artificial grass for landscape( garden, children play areas,roof and other recreation applications),sports fields( football& soccer,agility training & track),dog&pets, golf&putting green and other commercial applications.

    7.how to install artificial grass?

    A .removing existing landscape B. Prepare the base and level it C. Cut artificial turf to fit and lay turf D.Glue together seams E.secure in place F.Groom your grass and enjoy your life

    8.which kind of infill material needed for sports fields artificial grass?

    Granulated Rubber,sand infill.When install football field, white grass needed( the quantity of white grass is upon football field size) and also glue, joint tape required.More details about the football field installation.

    9.how to maintain artificial grass?

    A.Keep it clean (push broom,power broom,water hose etc) B.Brush Periodically (use a brush to make the grass stands up) C do not abuse

    The proper care and maintenance can enhance the lifetime,usefulness of your synthetic grass

    10.how much is the cost of artificial grass?

    Grace Grass could provide high quality artificial grass with best prices. You can use our website to get a quote online or send inquiry to our email:info@gracegrass.com.

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