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How to Install Artificial Turf
Source: begin Time:2016-08-24

Installation of Artificial Grass

If your natural lawn is less than optimal, you may would like to consider artificial grass to cover your outdoor space. Learn how to install it yourself with this step-by-step landscaping guide.

Step 1

Materials needed:

Artificial grass


Wheel barrow

Utility knife

Sand, crushed stones or grit

Hand tamper


Adhensive, seaming glue or nails

Seaming cloth


Silica sand( optional)

Lawn seed spreader( for silica sand)

Turf rake( for bristle fiber)

Yard rake

Tape measure

Marking paint

Garden hose

Wide shop broom

Step 2

Removing existing turf

Using a spade or turf cutter, remove existing turf. Dig the soil out to a depth of approximately 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 inches. The artificial grass will need to sit approximately 1/2 inch above any edging.

Step 3

Prepare the base

Before installing the turf, it is important that the ground on which the turf will be laid is smooth and firm. Remove any bumps, roots, rocks, sticks or any other debris to ensure a flat surface and pack down to make it firm.

Apply a thin aggregate layer of sand, crushed stone or grit over the ground. Compact it to create a solid base. This layer will provide you with a firm, proper water drainage

Create an even surface, apply a 1/2- to 3/4-inch (1 to 2 cm) layer of sharp sand. Compact the sand with a rake or hand tamper until the surface is compact and smooth and then and level it

Concrete surface could install directly

Step 4

Turf preparation and installation

Before cutting the turf to fit the area, start by simply laying the piece or pieces of turf over the area.

A: Grain should go in same direction

Make sure the grain is running in the same direction, before cutting. When cutting the turf for straight edges, use the tufted rows (the lines on the backing) as guides for ensuring a straight cut. Also, make sure that these tufted rows are aligned, going the same direction.

B:Unroll and lay out the artificial grass, cut off the ends with a craft knife, and line up edges.

C:Then, fold back the pieces of turf, roll out the seam tape in the middle of the two pieces,

Pour on adhesive on the joint tape follow included adhesive instructions. Lay edges of turf back over adhesive.

D:Let the glue dry naturally for a while (but not totally dry), then put down the edges. (Be sure that NO grass yarn stick to the joining tape). Let the glue dry naturally

F:When the glue is almost dry, send workers to step on the seaming and edges repeatedly, to make sure that the edges and the joint tape are totally stick together. Send workers to step on the seaming and edges or with a hammer

Step 4

Use a stiff-bristled broom to make the grass fibers stand up, the grass fibers will be lying down due to being transported in a roll.

Step 5

Apply a layer of silica sand( optional)

Apply a thin layer of silica sand directly to the lawn surface. Use a spreader to ensure even coverage. This will help to provide a stabilizing effect on the artificial grass and will help to prevent it from moving. The infill should total ¾ of the height of the blade, leaving ¼ inch of fiber exposed above the infill.

Step 6

Brush the sand into the grass.

Using a coarse broom, brush the sand into the grass. The grass will require little upkeep, although if the blades become flattened, lift them by sweeping them with a broom.

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